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  1. In regards to the Sturgeon manhunt:

    Ok, so there were 3 Hispanics in the vehicle. they arrives at a barn and thought no one was home. Turns out there was a guy working there on the fences who did not live there and he was walking up to them as the 3 guys were loading up stuff out of the barn. They saw him and jumped back into their vehicle and tore back out the driveway. They driveway was about 1/2 mile long. The worker then got into his truck and chased them at speeds of over 100 mies an hour north on 63. The 3 hispanics then pulled into a restaurant parking lot and approached the workers truck saying that they would pay for the items that they stole. The worker yelled at them as they approached that he had called the police and for them to stay were they were. Then 2 of the hispanics fled on foot and the other got back into the truck but the worker blocked the exit with his truck so he had no where to go. The police took 20 minutes to arrive and when they searched the vehicle it contained stolen merchandise and BULLET PROOF VESTS!!! This caused the lockdown at the local schools and state police sent out there airplane to search the area, as well as getting tracking dogs out as well. When the police were questioned they told bystanders that the guy was not cooperating and that they would more than likely let him go on bail. This is all true because I am very good friends with the worker and he has told me everything. The truck was registered to a girl (probably a girlfriend of accomplice) that lives in Columbia. The guy who was arrested also threatened cops and the worker. He told the worker that he “knows where he lives and is going to come get him”. My friend responded that he did not even live there so good luck finding him. I do hope the police take this guy seriously. Obviously the two that escaped into the fields were either illegal or had criminal records or both. If the prosecutors office just let this hispanic go you know he and his friends will just do it again albeit somewhere else. They need to get a warrant to search where he lives and start watching for the other 2 to come back around. His actions are felonies because he threatened police and threatened a witness, not to mention trespassing on private protect and theft of property. This is not just misdemeanor stuff. Apparently the cops were very much “whatever” when they dispersed and comment to the worker that he will probably be out of jail by this evening. If that is true, WTF is wrong with this country. This is how bad things happen, they let guys go and then they just get worse. How long until they actually murder or hurt someone. I hope the prosecutors office take heed and throw the book at this guy. The Public needs to be aware.

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