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McCaskill: All Military States in Danger of Losing Jobs

The defense department is preparing to suck in its gut. Secretary Chuck Hagel is proposing shrinking the Army to less than half a million soldiers, the smallest number since before World War II.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is a member of the Armed Services Committee. She says it’s a tough conversation.

“The easy thing for all of us to do that are in Washington is to say we have to spend less money,” Sen. McCaskill says. “The hard thing is determining where those cuts occur.”

McCaskill says many Missouri installations should stay afloat. She adds Fort Leonard Wood, for example, is a cost-effective and high-level place for military training.

“There’s no question any state that has military in their state, which is most, is in danger of having some impact as we try to spend less money,” Sen. McCaskill says. “You just gotta make sure those decisions are based on merit and financial considerations, and not on politics.”

Sec. Hagel says U.S. military forces need to be more agile and technologically sound, to confront today’s enemies.

(Information from The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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