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Meet Eagle’s Newest Talk Show Host

America Now with Andy Dean, weeknights at 7P

Who is Andy Dean?
From politics and business, to entertainment and technology, America Now with Andy Dean discusses the important local, national, and global headlines that impact our lives. The Talk program broadcasts live on weekdays from Premiere Network’s Los Angeles studios.America Now with Andy Dean airs on over 80 radio stations across the country.

Andy Dean, known as ‘The King of New Content’ was the former host of the “The Andy Dean Program” on WSB Radio-Atlanta. Andy’s hit WSB program featured a fresh take on conservative political commentary and news analysis.

Before the radio business, Andy Dean was the President of Donald Trump’s television and media company, Trump Productions LLC, which produces many network and cable television shows including NBC’s worldwide hit show, “The Apprentice,” “The Miss Universe pageant,” and top shows for MTV, The Golf Channel, and Comedy Central.

Andy got his start in the media business as a contestant on NBC’s “The Apprentice.” At the age of 22, Andy was the youngest candidate to compete on “The Apprentice.” Over 16 million people watched as Andy was “fired” at the end of the series. However, one month later, in real life, Donald Trump “re-hired” Andy to work for him personally. Andy worked directly for Donald Trump for 6 years in New York City and then in Los Angeles.

Andy Dean grew up in South Florida, and in high school, Andy won the U.S. National Debate Championships in Commentary Speaking. Andy graduated from Harvard University with honors with a degree in Government.

During his time at Harvard, Andy worked for Rick Davis, who was Sen. John McCain’s co-Campaign Manager in the 2000 and 2008 Presidential election campaigns. Andy has been interviewed on NBC’s “The Today Show,” CNBC’s “Power Lunch,” Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” and Andy previously served as a fill in host for national radio icons Neal Boortz and Herman Cain.

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  1. Andy would really like to hear this covered tonight on air. Bill #633 a pro gun bill!!! its from Republican Mike Leara from STL. It states that any rep that puts forth legislation to ban or infringe on our right to bear arms will be a felony. They could serve up to 4 years in prison. More states need to follow suit. I would really like to see this go nation wide. Hope you get behind it and help spread the word. Thank you

  2. I heard your clip of Snoop Moron on the Piers Morgan show. REALLY! The rapper that was acquitted on murder charges, raps about murdering cops and selling drugs and beating ho’s is lecturing about gun ownership being related to self esteem!?!? I don’t know where to start with that so I think I’ll just leave it right here!

  3. Andy,

    I don’t always agree with your opinion but I generally do. I am willing to put up with you rudely talking over your guests and callers in order to hear the bigger point. But, your rant on the evening of 3/26 was pitiful. You were whining about the phone system, your bosses, how you hate your job and don’t want to go to work. You sounded like a spoiled little brat and for that, I doubt I will listen to your show again. You just weren’t that good to start with. You are one of the most negative people I know.

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