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Columbia School Board

Mill Creek Redistricting Details Mostly Finalized

Do you know which elementary school your children are attending next year and how they are getting there? Some parents at Mill Creek finally got their answer at this week’s Columbia School Board meeting.

Last month the district voted on new elementary school boundary lines. Board President Christine King says the most recent meeting was focused on transportation.

“…do we allow fifth graders to finish out their last year at Mill Creek? And so we said yes they can, and that we would provide transportation,” says King.

While they will bus 5th graders that choose to stay at Mill Creek, the board members decided not to let siblings stay at the school for another year.

King says redistricting the overcrowded Mill Creek moved about 100 students to four different schools. The board resolved to not force affected families to move a second time when the new elementary school opens in 2016.

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