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Sign up to Run For Robert!

Please join The Eagle 93.9 in our effort to raise money for Homes For Our Troops.  Running For Robert will take place at Key Largo West in the Forum Shopping Center on Friday, February 19, 2010 from 6AM-9AM.  Fill in the fields below and submit if you would like to be a runner with Tom Bradley and Wake Up Columbia. 

Remember, you can run solo or form a team of runners to share your time on the treadmill.   Treadmills will be reserved on a first come, first served basis according to date this form is submitted, and ALL runners must sign a release day-of event before run begins.

Solicit pledges from family, friends and co-workers to support you for each mile you run/walk.  Pledges collected should be in the form of checks made payable to “Home For Our Troops”.   To help you, print out the Running For Robert Pledge Collection Form (click here) to raise as much money as possible.


Running Teams


  1. please let me know you have received my entry for the running for Robert event

  2. I registered last week as a participant in the Run for Robert. I have not received any confirmation; however, I need to update to a team registration.

    Robert Canine’s step-mother, Deb Canine, will be participating on my team.

  3. The Pledge Collection Form Link is inop

  4. Please be sure to add me to Tina Van Horn’s team and also confirm you received my registration. Thank you!

  5. Sarah A. Williams

    Please send me a copy of a Running For Robert Pledge Collection Form, as I am unable to download it from the registration page. Thanks!S

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